Peach x Art Society: Zine Making

Friday 02 December 2022, 5pm - 7pm

About this event

Peach Magazine x Art Soc Zine Making collab

We're so excited to announce that we're collabing with the peach magazine society for a zine making event. Join us on Friday 2nd Dec 5-7 pm in the Blomeley rooms for an evening of zine making ?
A zine is a little magazine/booklet that you can fill with anything you like, for example art, poetry, collage, writing, etc.?????
We will be providing art supplies, paper and collage materials as well as some glues, rulers, scissors but we encourage you to bring your own supplies, including any old magazines if you have them to make your zines even better looking !
The theme of the zines you create could be inspired by your fav artist's work or it can be of any theme you like.

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