LGBT+ Society: LGBTea and Coffee - (in)visibility discussion

Thursday 09 February 2023, 3pm - 5pm

Blomeley Room 1
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Happy LGBTQ+ History Month!

For our LGBTQ+ History Month LGBTea and Coffee we are holding a discussion around visible and invisible identities, including discussions around ‘straight-passing’ relationships, stereotyping, the asexual/aromantic spectrum and any other experiences you want to share. Come with an open mind and feel free to share as much and as little as you want! It will be an open discussion for anyone to join in.

We are also running our usual LGBTea activities so if you don’t feel comfortable or just simply don’t want to join in on the discussion, we will have refreshments, games and spaces for you to just chat!

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See you there :) 

LGBT+ Society x


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