Rescheduled: Braille Workshop and Scavenger Hunt

Thursday 08 February 2024, noon - 1pm

Blomeley Room 2
About this event

Hello come join us for our Student led introductory workshop on Braille. 

You'll be able to learn the Braille Alphabet and test your skills in a Scavenger hunt where all the clues are written in braille, winners will recieve gift vouchers!

The event will follow the below agenda:

  • Begining explaining the braille alphabet.
  • Followed by a chance to practice to spell something (ie a name) 
  • A 5 minute challenge where they must decipher a message written in braille - this links to the first location in the treasure hunt,
  • There will then be searching for locations 
  • The number of locations each pair found will be counted and the winners will recieve vouchers. 

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