Cabinet Cultures Collaborative Storytelling Workshop

Tuesday 04 June 2024, 12:30pm - 2:30pm

BLOC, Artsone
About this event

Why do we love houseplants so much? This workshop and installation explores our affective relationships with houseplants and the stories that come with them. 

 Cabinet cultures is an ongoing project which started in 2023 as a collaboration between the garden museum, Sarah Gardner, Emma Angold, Giulia Carabelli and Matthew Beach. 

It aims to investigate the value of houseplants and our affective relationships with them, interrogating the complexities of human-plant relationships through storytelling. 

For this edition of the project, Giulia and Matthew will host a houseplant storytelling workshop featuring the original cabinets. Workshop participants will be invited to contribute their own experiences and stories of houseplants and their relationship to them, which will then become part of the installation as it continues throughout the day. The installation will be available on a drop-in basis. 

This event is hosted as part of the 2024 Peopling the Palace(s) Festival

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