The Latinx Society: Meet & Greet Event

Thursday 24 September 2020 7:30pm - 9pm

Microsoft Teams

The Latinx Society: Meet & Greet Event

Hola/Oi amigxs! Welcome to LatinX! We are a social, academic, and cultural society open to everyone. Latinx or not Latinx, you can join LatinX!

We’re excited to announce our first event this year, our MEET & GREET! (Or conhecer & cumprimentar, conocer & saludar, conhecer & saludar, conocer & cumprimentar... up to you!) 

Get your tequilas and caipirinhas ready and join us on Microsoft Teams on Thursday, the 24th September at 7:30pm to have casual conversations, connect with fellow students, and kickstart your friendships!

Come to share your story, your relationship status, your Spotify playlist... And of course, prepare to spend some great time together and have loads of fun over laptop screens!

We will also introduce ourselves and answer any questions you might have about the expat communities in London and the student life.

PS.: Kudos if you show up wearing a national costume! (I surely will)


Instagram: @qmlatinx

Facebook: QM Latinx Society





About us

By hosting events with academics and experts in a variety of different subjects we give our members the opportunity to enrich their university experience by not only offering a space to learn but also to network, make friends, and have lots of fun.

Join us to learn about Latin American cultures (Mexican, Brazilian, Colombian, Peruvian, Venezuelan... we are all different!) in a fun and enjoyable way. We will also discuss the current affairs the Latin American region and the Latin American communities around the world are facing; share opportunities for work and volunteering, and have a space to debate with fellow keen beans on your research projects or side interests. 

Our academic events are always on different, interesting subjects, aimed at giving you insights into things that normally don't reach the British media or that deserve more attention. We also base them on our members' interests - we always want to hear from you!

We talk about literature, politics, art, fashion, architecture, innovation, start-ups, business, charities, education, healthcare, feminism, urban planning, development, conflict, LGBTQ+ rights, representation, and SO much more.

Socially we host dance lessons, cooking/mixology classes, dinners, movie nights streaming the best of the Latin American creations such as 'Roma' and 'Cidade de Deus' (and maybe even novelas), and parties in collaboration with other societies and sports clubs. 

And last but not least, we aim to engage with the underrepresented Latinx community in London and their issues, and therefore we organise activities related to advocacy groups for human rights, namely our recent involvement with the Save Latin Village campaign in Seven Sisters' Market, fighting against gentrification and social cleansing, raising money, and sharing information.

Please reach out!


Committee 2020/21:

President:                          Giovanna Rodacoski (
Vice-President:                  Mariana Alves
Treasurer:                          Martin Restrepo
Welfare Officer:                 Priscila Hernandez