Meet & greet: What is Marxism?

Thursday 28 September 2017 6:45pm - 8:30pm

Matt Spencer Boardroom

Meet & greet: What is Marxism?

More and more people are drawing the conclusion that something is profoundly wrong with the world and that Marxism is the best theory to understand what is going on. From the financial collapse to Brexit, the rise of Donald Trump, the ongoing issue of climate change, the refugee crisis, the swindles of banker's bonuses and interest rate fixing, it is clear that worldwide capitalism is not working.


One country after another is experiencing turmoil and mass movements as the crisis of capitalism intensifies the class struggle and Britain is no exception. This movement of millions needs the ideas that can take it forward and put an end to austerity, unemployment, poverty and war. We believe that these are the ideas of Marxism. This society is devoted to discussing what Marxism is and how it can be used in the struggle against capitalism.


The Marxist Society meets every week at Queen Mary, University of London. Our meetings are open to all, where we discuss the ideas of Marxism and their application to society today. We are also part of the newly formed Marxist Student Federation.


Action without theory is blind. However, theory without action is sterile. The QMUL Marxist Society is not just a discussion club, but is involved in the wider student and labour movement.


We have shown our solidarity with striking workers and participated in walkouts against cuts to higher education. If you're a member of QMUL, you can become a member of the Marxist Society. If not, feel free to attend the meeting as a visitor. We are open to debate and discussion with all.



The QMUL Marxist Society is affiliated to the International Marxist Tendency and the Marxist Student Federation, which aim to campaign and coordinates interventions in the NUS to raise Marxist ideas amongst students in a concrete fashion. Our campaigns attempt to forge close links with the labour movement on and off campus, and raise the need for the socialist transformation of society.


Membership of the QMUL Marxist Society automatically includes membership to the Marxist Student Federation, a copy of the magazine Marxist Student, and the right to vote at the annual conference.