Bhangra Society



Co-President: Inderjit Singh 

Co-President: Kush Ruparellia

Vice President: Aman Jagdev

Treasurer: Gursimran Kaur

Social Rep : Khushi Vij


What is Bhangra?

A traditional Punjabi folk dance style that is full of energy and good vibes. Bhangra at QMUL consists of weekly classes where we teach choreography and have an evening full of fun.

When do we hold Bhangra classes?

We hold weekly classes (typically on Wednesdays ) 18:00-19:30 but as we gear up towards performances and competitions, we train more than once a week.


We hold our classes at Mile End Campus and Whitechapel campus , but message us on Instagram to join our WhatsApp groupchat to stay up to date will all the information. 


Bhangra Society - Elections 2024/25

This elections for Bhangra Society 2024/25. Please note that you can only take part if you are a current student of QMUL and hold a valid membership to Bhangra Society.

3 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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