Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services Society (HKPASS)


A cultural and educational society that aims to raise awareness to social, economic and political issues in Hong Kong. We are a platform for students to express their opinions, as well as allow students to be closer to Hong Kong.

We focus on social services, e.g fundarising and volunteering, while improving our public awareness of events occurring in Hong Kong through panels. If you have an interest in Hong Kong, this society is definitely for you! Alternatively, if you want to work in Hong Kong in the future, then our employment sector brings you closer to large Hong Kong companies, ranging from an array of subjects.

HKPASS society (Hong Kong Public Awareness and Social Services) is established in most universities in UK. Consequently, majority of the universities often hold events which we attend, and meanwhile we do collaboration with the other London universities. As a result, you will meet new friends from all around UK, and expand your social network.


What do we do, and our aims: 

1. To raise awareness to issues in Hong Kong, including social, economical and political issues through regular discussions and debates.

2. Building connections with other HKPASS societies in order to strengthen our interpersonal/networking skills and at the same time create a perfect platform for young people to incubate ideas

3. Promote Pro Bono work such as fundraising, charity work, etc.

4. Encourage harmonious living and promote the power of unity5. Provide a path for our members to seek more information about future career plans.


2018-2019 Committee 

President - Felice Pak, BSc Biomedical Sciences (Mild End & Bart’s Campus)

Vice President - Vicky Li, MBBS Medicine (Bart's Campus) 

Treasurer - Kelvin Luk, BSc (Econ) Economics and International Finance (Mile End Campus)

Public Relations Officer - Jimmy Lam, Accounting and Management  (Mile End Campus)

Social Services Officers - Gary Lam, Politics and International Relations (Mile End Campus)

Secretary - Eugene Tsang, Computer Science with Business Management and Accounting (Mile End Campus)



No elections are currently running


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