Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services Society (HKPASS)


The Queen Mary Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society (HKPASS) is a cultural and educational organization dedicated to increasing awareness of social, economic, and political issues in Hong Kong. We provide a platform for students to voice their opinions and connect with fellow Hong Kong students. Our focus extends to social services, including fundraising and volunteering.

HKPASS is active in numerous UK universities, often participating in university-held events while also organizing our own and collaborating with other London universities. Last year, our flagship event in East London drew over 90 participants. Our diverse range of events includes dinner gatherings, inter-university quizzes, charity events like the IC 24-hour famine, KCL Talent Quests, and alliance balls. Joining us provides the chance to make new friends from across the UK and expand your social network.

Our key objectives and aims are as follows:

  1. Foster awareness of various issues in Hong Kong, encompassing social, economic, and political matters, through regular discussions and debates.

  2. Establish connections with other HKPASS societies to enhance interpersonal and networking skills, creating a platform for young individuals to nurture innovative ideas.

  3. Promote pro bono work, such as fundraising and charitable activities.

  4. Encourage harmonious coexistence and emphasize the strength of unity.

2023-2024 Committee 

President: Chan Ching, BSc Business with Law (Mile End Campus)

Vice President (Public Affairs): Rachel Suen, Law LLB (Mile End Campus) 

Vice President (Social Services): Iva Yip, BSc Marketing and Management (Mile End Campus) 

Treasurer: Rachel Leung, BSc Actuarial Science (Mile End Campus) 

Publication: Carys Kwong, Law LLB (Mile End Campus) 

Events Manager: Ian Lo, Law LLB (Mile End Campus) 

Secretary and Welfare Rep: Anthony Lam, Law LLB (Mile End Campus) 


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Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services Society 2024-2025 Committee Elections

Elections for 2024-2025 Committee

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