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Welcome to the Queen Mary Law for All Society (QMLFAS), the society that connects both law and non-law students together who wish to pursue a career in law once they graduate. 

QMLFAS aims to expand the student’s knowledge of the legal field, for instance on the various legal sectors, the different legal terms, professions and so on, through organising educational presentations and providing suggestions to books and online resources. The society also aims to prepare students for the application process through organising networking events, speaker-led sessions, mooting workshops, negotiation skills presentations, as well as informing students about the various types of support available such as mentoring schemes. 

Through monthly emails and social media posts, we also aim to inform students about upcoming law events around London such as networking events, open days, BAME events, as well as opportunities such as vacation schemes and training contracts. We would also like to reach out to people within the legal profession who have come from non-law backgrounds, to provide students with insightful talks about their journey and offer any advice they may have. 

The main purpose of the QMLFAS is to better integrate all students into the legal sphere and to create a community for students from all backgrounds that share similar career interests. It will enable them to share and communicate their experiences, in order to grow their confidence as well as develop the necessary skills to become a successful lawyer.

Our executive committee: 

  • President: Iven Shen 

  • Secretary General: Jason Dehideniya

  • Vice President: David Lok

  • Treasurer: Osaf Ahmed

  • Head of Marketing: Chris Theklli

  • Head of Sponsors/ Newsletter Editor: Aiman Hussain

  • Head of Career/ Competition Manager: Lojayna Hamdy

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