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Do you think you have what it takes to be the ‘very best’?

Are you a budding Pokémon master or Pokémon enthusiast that needs a space to let it all out?

Well, look no further! The QMUL Pokémon Society is a place for long-time Pokémon players or casual viewers to come together and appreciate all that the Pokémon universe has to offer! Whether you’re a competitive gamer or in need of some deep-seated childhood nostalgia, we have something fun for everyone! So don’t be a Slowpoke and come join us for some Pokémon-themed socials, games, screenings, and other special events that we’re hosting throughout the year! 


President: Lisa Lee

VP/Treasurer: Rebecca Chu


Awarded Bronze for the Societies Excellence Award 2016-17



Current/Next Events:

TBD: ???

Past Events:

Semester Two:

23 March: Social #9 - AGM + TCG Tournament (in collaboration with the Games and Video Gaming Society)

16 March: The Big Fat Pokémon Quiz of the Year + Pokésoc AGM

9 March: Social #8

3 March: Manga and 'How to Draw' Cafe (in collaboration with the Anime Society)

23 February: Social #7

15 February: Pokésoc goes Laser Tag

9 February: Social #6 - UWSU x QMUL Inter-Uni Social

6 February: PokéBake Sale

2 February: Film Night (in collaboration with the Film Society)

26 January: Social #5 - Crafts Night

18 January: Welcome Back Fair

8-13 January: Pokésoc Art Contest (via Facebook and Twitter)

11 January: Escape Room Challenge Pt. 2

Semester One:

1-25 December: Secret Santa 'Egg Exchange' Event (via 3DS WiFi)

19 December: Pokésoc goes to Symphonic Evolutions Concert

8 December: Social #4 - Xmas Special

5 December: Pokésoc's End of Year Dinner

28 November: Pokémon Sun and Moon Tournament (cohosted with the Games and Video Gaming society)

24 November: Social #3

21 November: Film Night: 'Pokémon: The First Movie' Screening

14-18 November: Pokésoc's Go Lure Week

11 November: Pokésoc Escape Room Challenge

10 November: Social #2 

5-12 November: Pokésoc's 'Caption This!' Competition (via Facebook and Twitter)

27 October: Social #1 - Halloween Special

6 October: Icebreaker

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