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Do you think you have what it takes to be the ‘very best’?

Are you a budding Pokémon master or Pokémon enthusiast that needs a space to let it all out?

Well, look no further! The QMUL Pokémon Society is a place for long-time Pokémon players or casual viewers to come together and appreciate all that the Pokémon universe has to offer! Whether you’re a competitive gamer or in need of some deep-seated childhood nostalgia, we have something fun for everyone! So don’t be a Slowpoke and come join us for some Pokémon-themed socials, games, screenings, and other special events that we’re hosting throughout the year!




President: Benjamin Gunn

Treasurers: Nabhan Misbah / Padmanav Chowdhury



Awarded Silver for the Societies Excellence Award 2017-18

Awarded Bronze for the Societies Excellence Award 2016-17

Shortlisted for 'Best Hobby and Interest Society' in the National Societies Awards 2017  




Current/Next Events:


Past Events:


24th November: PokéSoc watches Pokemon: The Power Of Us 

22nd November: PokéSoc Social #4 (Let's Go Special)

16th-17th November: PokéSoc goes to Hyper Japan!! 

8th November: PokéSoc Social #3 

7th November: Pokemon Society Goes Lasertag

25th October: PokéSoc Social #2 (Halloween Special) 

11th October: PokéSoc Social #1 (Movie Night Special)

27th September: PokéSoc Icebreaker


Semester Two:

22nd March: PokéSoc Movie Night 

15th March: PokéSoc AGM + Pizza Party

8th March: PokéSoc Social #9 - TCG Tournament

6th March: PokéSoc x Links Karaoke Night 

22nd February: PokéSoc Social #8

21st February: PokéSoc Escape Room #2

12-16th February:  Pokémon Go Lure Week

28th February: PokéSoc Social #7 - Johto League Special

29th January: PokéSoc Bake Sale

25th January: PokéSoc Refreshers Social

4th January: PokéSoc Goes Bowling

Semester One:

14th December: PokéSoc Christmas Social

12th December: PokéSoc Christmas Dinner

8th December: PokéSoc x Japan Society Origami Workshop

30th November: PokéSoc Social #4

29th November: Anime Society x Pokémon Society x Japan Society Big Fat Collabration Event

24th November: PokéSoc Goes To Hyper Japan!

23rd November: PokéSoc x GVG - Pokkén Tournament

22nd November: PokéSoc Escape Room!

18th November: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Inter-Uni Launch Event

16th November: PokéSoc Social #3

6th - 10th November: PokéSoc Social Media Competition - "Caption This"

5th November: PokéSoc Goes To The Cinema - The Pokémon Movie: I Choose You

2nd November: PokéSoc Halloween Social

19th October: PokéSoc Social #1

3rd October: PokéSoc Icebreaker


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