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It is said that the eyes provide 80% of the sensory information that is sent to the brain, making our sense of sight one of the most important human senses. Ophthalmology is one of those unique specialties which involves both surgery and medicine to help preserve a patient’s eyesight with artificial intelligence being an ever-growing influence on the specialty. We plan to show you just how rewarding an Eye-doctor’s career can be with a variety of events including: talks given by people in the field, teaching on ophthalmology-related clinical skills, including the elusive technique that is ophthalmoscopy (you should be able to see more than just a red blob when you look inside the eye), and Barts’ first ever undergraduate Ophthalmology conference!

We are certain that it will be eye-opening. At the very least you’ll be able to spell Ophthalmology with the correct number of h’s!

Looking forward to seeing you this year! Be sure to like/follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram to keep up to date with all our upcoming events.


2020/2021 Committee

President – Iffat Shah

Vice President – Emilia Bober

Treasurer – Christy Yip

Secretary – Philippa Lloyd

Events Officer – Shivani Ganesh

Conference Lead – Sarah Omran

Creative Director – Joe Cheung



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