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Welcome to the rebirth of BL SEM, back and better than ever!

We're excited to bring medicine's youngest specialty to the forefront at BL. Sports and Exercise medicine is an incredibly broad field, and can allow you to work in some truly awesome places. It encompasses a wide range of skills and subspeciaties, including MSK, Performance Medicine, Event Medicine, and Exercise and Public Health. But, for now, it doesn't feature in medical school curricula.

We're here to plug that gap. 

Our chief aims are: 

  • Deliver a curriculum of core SEM knowledge through monthly talk evenings with a range of guest speakers
  • Provide insight on professional development and career progression from senior SEM specialists
  • Support organisation of SSC’s/electives within SEM
  • Provide opportunities to present SEM-related projects at local and national level
  • Facilitate networking between students and SEM colleagues

We've put together an exciting calendar of events to look forward to, including the regular talk evenings mentioned above, a glamorous annual conference, and regular socials. The society is already packed with great people excited to greet any newcomers, and work together to put BL SEM back on the map. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via our socials or email, listed above. Subs are available to buy on this page. Please also fill in the link below to make sure you're not missing out on any club updates, and subscribe to our socials!

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A core skillset within SEM is providing medical care to vast numbers of spectators at once


Exercise Medicine is tailored to high performance athletes, whilst also having great potential to reduce population disease burden

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