Erasmus Student Network (ESN)



Want to make the most of your Study Abroad? Are you a QM student looking to meet people from all around the world?

Erasmus Student Network (ESN), is the biggest student organisation in Europe.

  • Join nearly 20,000 members,
  • From 500 sections
  • In 40 countries

We are open to everyone at Queen Mary, giving you a space to meet up, find your feet and make friends from all over! By purchasing our standard membership, you'll gain access to our social, networking and volunteer events, as well as our UK day trips.


Purchase your membership with an ESNcard to access all our events, trips, and unique travel discounts. After your purchase please drop us a message at to appoint a pick-up date and time. 

Register your interest here to get more information about our upcoming events, welfare hours, memberships group chats, and more! 



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