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The QMUL ADR Society seeks to expose aspiring lawyers to mediation, negotiation and arbitration and hopes to offer guidance to those aiming to design their careers in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Welcome to QM Alternative Dispute Resolution Society!

The Queen Mary Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Society is a well-established and award-winning provider of numerous and diverse professional opportunities, entering its fourth year of activity. In such a short period of time, we managed to become the third largest law-related society at Queen Mary, University of London, with around 100 active members. In recognition of our achievements and innovative approach, our society was awarded the 2019 prize of “Best New Society”, and the 2021 “Gold Trophy” and “Professional Development Award”. We accomplished this with the aim of offering students the opportunity to develop core practical law skills and gain greater exposure to, and in-depth knowledge about alternative means of dispute resolution.

Our membership base is comprised of undergraduate and postgraduate students, with 43% studying LLM programmes at Queen Mary’s world-renowned Centre for Commercial Law Studies. We are the only law society at Queen Mary with LLM students as members. Although we are the main student society for LLM students, 70% of those who attended our introductory events to ADR and interactive workshops are second and final-year law students.


  • Alternative Dispute Resolution X European Law Students' Association Commercial Negotiation Competition 2023/2024

The Competition is an invaluable opportunity to improve your negotiation skills and commercial awareness which are becoming increasingly important in an ever-growing commercial world

Do you want to learn how to negotiate? Fill in the registration form at:, no previous negotiation experience is required, open to law and non-law students.


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The Leadership Team of the QMUL ADR Society 2023/24

President: Sharriq Abdul Qadir

Vice-President: Sanya Chawla

Treasurer: Mrunali Sable


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