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Welcome to the Queen Mary North African Society!

QMNASOC aims to bring you a society that celebrates, unites and shares the diverse cultures of North African countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Mauritania. The society hopes to bring you a year of excitement through our social, cultural and charity events as well as collaborations with societies. Come along to our events to meet and make lifelong friends to celebrate the varied cultures we bring as a society.

We hope to see you at our events, buy your membership here.

President  Abdullah Taibi
Vice President  Abdessamad Bendif
Events Officers  Hana Nacereddine & Sarah Benaouda
Charity Officer  Iman Gourrami & Amina Mokrani
Outreach Officers  Leena Abdalla
Social Media Officer  Yasmine Goumri
Creative Director

Hamza El Ammari

General Secretary  Maria Sekkar
Sports Officer Dean Ammi
Inclusive Officer Larbi Belkhit
Welfare Officer  Zeyneb Taibi
Freshers reps Celia Boughida 






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