Mexican Society


Mexican’s culture lovers in QMUL. Students who want to share Mexican culture with others celebrating Mexican traditions and enjoying authentic Mexican food.

Mexicans and Mexican’s culture lovers in Queen Mary University of London.

We are a group of students who want to share the Mexican culture in different events like tasting the authentic Mexican food and celebrating Mexican traditions.

Join us and enjoy a unique experience.


15th September- Celebration of Mexican independence. Authentic Pozole and great tequila. Join us to celebrate!

1st November- Celebration of the day of the dead. Displaying the Altar to the dead and movies night =D

24th November- Tamaliza. Free Tamales for members 

9th December-Posada navideña

6th January- The celebration of the kings day

2nd February- Tamaliza

14th February- Friendship celebration

21st March- Spring tacos night

30th April- Movie night


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