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Welcome to BL Drug Society! 

We were initially inspired to create this society by looking at the global social harms of the War on Drugs and the need to know more about the novel applications of 'recreational' drugs in healthcare. Historically, political interference has prevented evidence-based drug policy from guiding decisions in both social care and medicine. We at Drug Science Society believe that doctors and scientists have an obligation to provide the safest and best possible care for patients. Illegality of many drugs has prevented much needed research, which could provide life-changing treatments for patients. Although more evidence is neeed, medicinal cannabis based products are already saving children with severe forms of epilepsy. 


Throughout the year we will be hosting interesting talks all based around providing unbiased information surrounding drugs, from drug addiction to therapeutic application of 'recreational' drugs, and a space to generate discussion. Whatever your views, you should have the oppurtunity to voice them and have access to the infomation that need as a doctor to inform your own practice. 


Our expert-given talks this year will focus on three main themes: 

  • The impact of the War on Drugs on population welfare and harm reduction strategies
  • Ongoing research on the therapeutic of application of recreational drugs 
  • Using newly approved drugs in clinics (such as cannabis-based medicinal products) and how to talk to patients about it


We hope that this will be a very exciting year and we can't wait to meet all of our new members. If you have any ideas about topics which fit in with our society, please let us know and we'll do our best to organise a talk or debate surrounding the issue. 

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Committee 2022/2023:

President: Michal Lyson





Drug Science Society Elections 2024/25

This is Drug Science Society's election for the academic year 2024/25. To be elligible to run, you will need to have this year's membership and be a student next year at QMUL.

2 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 09:00 on Tuesday 7 May 2024 (in 16 days)

The polls open at 09:00 on Monday 13 May 2024 (in 3 weeks and 1 days)

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