MESS (Medical Education Support Society) GOZO is here to guide you through your first two years of medical school! We understand that adjusting to a new country and a new degree can seem a bit daunting but we are here to support you!  

GOZO MESS is a peer-teaching society that is led by second and third year students here in Gozo.  We parallel our sessions with the lectures that have been taught the week prior and present the information by doing Kahoots with explanation slides. By doing this, we aim to create some friendly competitions and build a great amount of practice questions for students to do throughout the year. The questions and explanation slides will be sent after the session to the year whatsapp groups. 

Our aim is to help you however we can through:

·       Focused weekly revision sessions with exam style questions delivered by senior students 

·       Focused module reviews 

·       Crash-courses before every progress test


Pay the £1 Membership (subs) –  our sessions and content are for members only!
Get involved in teaching by contacting any of the year coordinators - graduates can even teach their own year group! 
Your 2023/ 2024 committee: 
Presidents: Yasmeen Durzi and Gargi Dawle 
Treasurer: Jemima Abdulrahman
Year 1 coordinators: Krish Patel and Karishma Bagga
Year 2 coordinators: Egetan Celik and Margaret Steryopoulos
Welfare officer: Sebastian Willatgamuwa 
Social Media officer: Tanisha Arora 
Secretary: Yash Sachdev





No elections are currently running

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