Palliative Care


A pioneering new society to explore Palliative medicine.

Palliative care is a fairly new speciality in medicine and therefore, among medical students it is poorly understood. Come join us end explore this amazing holistic part of medicine. We will be running an incredible range of events encompasing both the academic parts of the speciality as well as artisitc representations of grief and dying. Our goal is to try and help break stigma and false preconceptions about Palliative care and share our passion for the speciality. This year to help those interested in this amazing speciality stay connected we've created a Palliative Care Team on MS Teams which we will add subs paying members to!



Co-Presidents: Grace Catchpole and Hester Toovey

Vice President: Ania Wozniak

Treasurer: Zoe Scabbiolo

Secretary: Toyosi Atoyebi


No elections are currently running


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