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Welcome to BL AMS!

Aerospace Medicine is a branch of preventative medicine that deals with the healthcare, wellbeing and performance of flight crew, including pilots & astronauts. This society will bring awareness to a speciality that is often not covered during medical school, and also aims to bring together people who share an interest in it either because they’re considering it as a career choice or simply to satiate their curiosity.

Join us for a meet & greet, guest speakers, a lecture series, and other fun events!


BL AMS: Aims

1. To learn about aerospace medicine

2. To introduce members to a niche speciality that they may not have come across before

3. To bring together students who may be interested in pursuing a career in aerospace medicine


Previous Events

BL Aerospace Meet & Greet 19/20 20/21

Infection and Space travel - Dr Peter William Taylor (UCL School of Pharmacy) [click here for a 1-minute video summary!]

How to get Involved with Space Medicine as a Medical Student or Early Career Doctor

Upcoming events

Aerospace Medicine Lecture Course in collaboration with Next Generation Aerospace Medicine (part of the Royal Aeronautical Society)

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