QM/BL Egyptian Society


Welcome to Egyptian Society!

This year we decided to join forces with QMUL to make Egyptian Society bigger and better than ever. 

QM/BL Egyptian Society is the place to be for all Egyptians (and anyone else who wishes to join) to come together and celebrate our rich culture, history and of course, most importantly, our cuisine. This year, we hope to bring you a more exciting experience of our egyptian culture through cultural, social and charity events. 

We aim to provide an open space where everyone feels comfortable getting to know each other through a variety of events as well as the collaboration with other socities.

Get ready for an exciting year ahead and for a lot of chanting of Masr Om El Donya! We look forward to meeting you all soon!

We will be alternating between the Whitechapel and Mile End campuses to accomodate all our members. 


The Team

Co-Presidents -  Omar Barakat & Perihan Kamel 

Treasurer - Ezzedin Nour 

Welfare Representative - Farah Dawoud 

Events Lead - Malak Elsawy Malak Saad Sophia Zeinden

Events Officers - Malak Saad & Sophia Zeinden

No elections are currently running

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