Public Health and Preventive Medicine Society


Welcome to BL Public Health and Preventative Medicine Society! 

We're a newly established society and are really excited about this new year.

We are all really passionate about looking at the bigger picture - as healthcare professionals, we have a duty to promote good health and ensure we build health systems that provide our citizens with access to essential treatment and services.

We've been taught that prevention is better than cure. It's our duty to educate society about this phenomenon and build a stronger and healthier nation.

We endeavour to raise more awareness about the importance of Public Health and why Prevention is key to a sustainable health system for the future. 

We can’t wait to share some amazing content and events to discuss and educate each other about lots of important topics such as mental health, social inequality, vaccinations etc! 

PHPM Soc x

Our Committee:

Rajvi Patel - President 
Shahlima Islam - Vice President 
Rajan Chand - Treasurer
Radhika Patel - Social Media Rep
Safiya Zaloum - Creative Exec
Prarthana Shah - Events Co-ordinator
Devan Mair - Campaign Lead 

No elections are currently running

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