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With the face of the Financial Services Sector changing as we know it, FinTech is more relevant than ever in today’s business world. It is the combination of finance & technology which has resulted in big startup banks like Monzo & Starling, crypto currency such as Bitcoin, payments such as PayPal and stock trading apps such as Trading 212. It is becoming a major & disruptive part in investment banking, private equity, venture capital, asset management , information technology etc.

Currenly we envision a huge opportunity for smart, driven students with an interest in finance and/or tech who want to step foot into this young but ever growing global network with leading entrepreneurs, companies and investors.

Hence, QM FinTech Society has an aim that isn't limited to United Kingdom; an aim to equip your students with knowledge and experience of professionals and opportunities from all corners of the world. Our Worldwide Insight Series will have professionals who have experience working in United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Dubai and India. We endeavour to provide a platform for students from any background to learn, evaluate and debate the developments in financial technologies that could change the way we think about finance today.

Whether you’re interested in gaining a quick understanding of the developments within the industry, are wildly passionate about the innovative technology impacting finance, or you yourself want to pursue a career in FinTech, QM Fintech society is the place for you to begin your journey with. 

These aims encompass our core values and our set goal for this academic year:


Conduct events via guest speakers to educate students about new job opportunities emerging in FinTech 

Employability,  Skill and Career Building

Equip members with the theoretical and practical skill set needed to engage and participate in the FinTech industry by conducting CV workshops tailored for Fintech Industries. 

Debate and Discussion 

Provide students and professionals interested in FinTech with a platform to learn, evaluate and debate on the impact of technology on the financial services industry and financial markets. 

Social and Professional Networking

An opportunity to engage and interact with like-minded people in a conducive nurturing environment to build a multi-cultured network. 

It's time for a change. #itstimeforQMUL

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FinTech Society Elections 2024/2025

This is FinTech Society's elections for the academic year 2024/25. To be eligible to run you will need to hold a 23/24 membership and be a student at QMUL in 24/25. It is preferable if you have been an active member of this society, and have reached out to members and committee to let people know about you and why you should be elected. Please keep in mind all deadlines and T&Cs, as these are non-negotiable and committee and staff cannot make accommodations for individuals. Other roles will be available for election after the president and treasurer have been initially elected. If you think you would be well suited to any other roles, please keep your eyes peeled/communicate with the new committee regarding your interest. We are open to anyone who is keen, interested, and willing to contribute to a team effort. Election results should be made available by mid-April at the very latest.

2 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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