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Queen Mary Legal Innovation Society (QMLIS) aims to introduce law and non-law students to the legal technologies used throughout the legal field. Members from all academic levels do not require technical knowledge as they are welcome to develop their interests and skills concerning the use in the legal sector of innovations such as Smart Contracts, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain/Fintech.

Throughout the year, the society promotes legal innovation and raises the awareness of its members on those breakthroughs through webinars and socials. The student-run newsletter allows its members to be up to date on the legal tech disruptions in the city and globally. This will both strengthen applications and prepare the next generation of lawyers to face the legal problems of tomorrow using technology.

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- access to our on-campus and in-firms events in Sem 2.

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President : Maximilien Clement /

Co-vice-presidents : Ahmad Alattas & Kieran Teo /

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