Sober Socials


Hi we’re the Sober Socials society!

We are a newly affiliated society here at QMUL. And as the name suggests, we’ll be holding regular socials to bring together likeminded people who believe you don’t need alcohol to have fun! Our society is for anyone and everyone, so long as you want to attend fun socials that will involve zero drinking! We would absolutely love to welcome you to our community so if you would like to join us then please buy your memebership and we’ll see you soon!


Covid-19 Update

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic all events will be held virtually for the foreseeable future. Even though we will not be holding any physicals events, we would love for you to join us as you will still get to meet like minded people and form a community online. Of course, once the pandemic is behind us we’ll bring this community onto campus so that you will have a network of like-minded friends during your time at QMUL and beyond!

Committee Members

President - Walia Ali

Treasurer - Natasha Iqbal

Welfare Officer & Social Media Coordinator - Brenda Lin

Content Creator - Israt Kanchan

No elections are currently running

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