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At the Law and Business Society (LaBS), we are the only on-campus society at QMUL fully affiliated with two faculties: The School of Law and The School of Business and Management.


We provide a forum for students who wish to explore the intersections between the respective disciplines of Law and Business, and their implications on other fields.


Through a range of events, we provide an alternative and interactive way of discovering these disciplines. The likes of which include guest talks given by directors of the biggest banks in the world, workshops and panel discussions with professionals, podcasts and exclusive social networking events at various locations throughout the city. We also host an array of social events which members and non-members alike can enjoy.


If you are interested in a career in Corporate Law, careers in consulting, finance or banking, a legal career in the non-legal world, or in learning more about how the Law plays a key role in Business professions, then our society is right for you.


Please find our contact information and our socials below to keep up to date with all things Law and Business in academic year 2021/22.

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