Gozo Arts and Fashion Society


Arts and Fashion Society

The Arts and Fashion society intends to bring together like-minded students that enjoy arts focused events.


  1. Foster a thriving arts community at BL Gozo in conjunction with the local arts community
  2. Host arts focused events that promote stress relief and positive mental health
  3. Engage students in an arts education
  4. Promote deeper discussions regarding race, sexuality, and mental health through the arts 

Types of Events: 

  1.  Discussions with notable local designers and artists on relevant topics such as sustainable fashion, cultural appropriation, etc 
  2. Photography tours lead by local photographers of Malta and Gozo 
  3. Ceramics and Pottery Nights 
  4. Sip and Paint 
  5. Leatherworking Workshops/ Silver working Workshops/ Glass Blowing Workshops 
  6. Jamming nights for our student musicians at Zeppi's Pub in Gozo
  7. Subsidized tickets for shows and concerts 


No elections are currently running

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