We are a society that aims to bring together students who want to learn British sign language. We aspire to increase awareness about the deaf and mute culture and better prepare BL students for interactions with such patients going forward. We will offer informal, student-led sessions and lessons from fully qualified teachers to gain the opportunity to get an official qualification in BSL.


1) Raise awareness of deaf culture and sign language so that BLSA students are better able to communicate with deaf & mute patients 

2) Make sign language education more available for the students and have them certified in BSL 

3) To start a community of like-minded individuals in BL who want to learn BSL. 


President: Edmund Sim Wea Chung
Treasurer: Sneyhalakshmi Saravanan
Welfare Rep: Irene Blanca Llinares I Perales


No elections are currently running

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