This society offers students at Queen Mary the opportunity to facilitate, develop and improve their mental fitness through; gaining skills, and changing the view of mental fitness, through workshops, information talk and socials!

We also will host fundraising events for the project:talk initiative, supporting the volunteers in the peer support scheme.

We want everyone to feel very welcome to learn and have fun in this society! Feel free to join to discuss ways of improving your mental fitness, helping others with theirs, and/or just having a nice chat in a safe space!

This society is affiliated with the PROJECT:TALK Community Interest Company, so we will provide events through WALK TO:TALK (actively increasing mental fitness) and TOOLS TO:TALK (workshops, speakers, events).

Society aims:

  • To help raise awareness and change the attitude towards mental health and pioneering mental fitness through; engaging with Mental Fitness training, events, campaigns and fundraisers

  • To empower its members with the tools, language and confidence to have more supportive and effective conversations with others about mental health and mental fitness

  • To hold regular social events and activities designed to support the mental fitness of its members and act as a networking opportunity for those involved in supporting the mental health and mental fitness of students at QMUL.

  • Allowing members to have a safe space to discuss mental fitness, facilitating supportive conversation to learn from each other and move forwards positively

Society events:

(All events are currently online due to Covid)

  • Tea and Talk - currently as we start up, we want members to get to know each other and create a safe space to talk about anything!

Upcoming events:

September 2021-2022 events


    • Mental Fitness Yoga every 2 weeks

    • Walk your mind, where we share routes around the city to encourage people to get out


    • Mental Fitness Training, a couple of sessions throughout the year, using our pre-designed training sessions

    • Quick Fire sessions, 20 mins of Q+A recorded with an 'expert' in the field, then a casual chat to

How to get involved/memberships:

  1. Like and join the Facebook page and get contact with the committee members.

  2. Follow us on instagram @projecttalkqmul

  3. Purchase your membership online (varying levels)

  4. Attend your first session! (Feel free to email/message the society or any committee members before joining a session so we can introduce you!)

  5. Enjoy! Take part in the sessions, fundraising activities and events!

Project:TALK committee:

  • Co-presidents: Zoe Sturgess and Farrah Farnejad 

  • Welfare officer: Olivia Walton

  • Treasurer: Hannah Layton-Joyce 

Contact details:

  • qmul@projecttalk.org.uk

  • Instagram @projecttalkqmul

  • https://www.projecttalk.org.uk/

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message via email or social media. We'll be posting about upcoming events and opportunities soon, so stay tuned!

No elections are currently running

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