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Queen Mary University of London has lots of cultures represented in numerous societies and we want to bring unique Ukrainian culture to be part of this environment.

QMUL Ukrainian society aims to bring together Ukrainian community at QMUL, and provide a pleasant atmosphere in which Ukrainian students can be appreciated and listened to. We aim to bring together Ukrainian students from QMUL and create a save space to share their experiences through meet ups. We will share the features of Ukrainian culture and personal experiences through social, academic and fundraising events. 

This society also welcomes those who respect Ukrainian history and culture.


Ukrainian Society Membership. What does it contain, who is it for and how does one get it? We answer the most frequently asked questions about the QMUL Ukrainian Society membership.

Why should I buy a membership?

Ukrainian Society will provide its members with unique offers, namely:

- pre-announcement of events in an exclusive Telegram channel and the possibility of first-release ticket booking;

- discounts on events (and other perks that will appear according to the type of the specific event);

- the right to annually elect the committee.

Cost: £5

Validity: 2023-2024 academic year

Who is eligible to join?

- An individual must be a QMUL student with a valid QMUL email

- An individual should be interested in suporting Ukraine and its culutre 

How to become a member?

1. Purchase a membership. To do so, go to the Students Union page and look for QMUL Ukrainian Society, or click on the direct link in the profile header.

2. During the week, we will ask you a couple of question in order to control the conceit in our community.

3. Following that, you will be notified and given access to an exclusive Telegram channel.

Event types

Social Events: To streghen Ukrainian comunity at QMUL and create a 'home' environment for those who had to flee home because of the war (Ukrainian speaking)

Academic Events: Join us in discovering Ukrainian politics, business and career through our invited speakers (English speaking)

Culutural Events: Interactive events, which will allow you to connect with Ukrainian culture through cooking, art, decorative workshops etc (Ukrainian/ English speaking)

Funraising Events: Help us raise money to help those who have suffered from the terrors of the war (English speaking)

Note: Plese check our social media for announcements, especially the language of the event, as some may be exculively Ukrainian speaking!

Elections QMUL Ukrainian Society 2024/25

Hello! Welcome to new elections for QMUL Ukrainian Society 2024/25.

3 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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