Bubble Tea


Who are we?

The Bubble Tea Society is a social or community organization centred around the love and appreciation of bubble tea, a popular Taiwanese beverage known for its sweet and flavourful tea combined with chewy tapioca pearls or other toppings. Members of this society typically share a passion for trying different types of bubble tea, discussing their favourite flavours and locations to enjoy it, and may even organize events or gatherings related to bubble tea. It's a fun and casual way for enthusiasts to connect and explore their shared interest in this unique and refreshing drink.

Meet the Committee!

President: Wella Glover & Ella Wong
Vice President: Xuan Wei Choo
Treasurer: Chloe Templeman 
Welfare Officer: Mai Sugimoto
Secretary: Isabelle Li
Events Manager: Salaus Fiona Harindran & Wei Yee Hew
Media Officer: Xinyi Zhang & Tina Nguyen




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