Queen Mary Petrolhead Society


Queen Mary Petrolhead Society is aimed to allow people with a similar passion with automotives to meet and share their passion while getting to know others.

Welcome to Queen Mary Petrolhead Society, there should be something for everyone from all parts of the car community from time show cars, track builds, to stance cars and everything between. There is a friendly enviroment for everyone and their branches into the car community. Our society serves as a hub where the thrill of the open road, the mechanics of automobiles, and the shared enthusiasm for all things automotive bring students together in a vibrant and passionate community. Welcoming members regardless of their expertise level or the type of vehicle they own—whether it's vintage, 80s-90s, or a supercar to your standard runabout.


Events for members:

  1. Car Meets: Regular gatherings where members showcase their vehicles, discuss modifications, and share insights.
  2. Notifications: For larger events and shows such as Japfest, as other shows during the year.
  3. Quiz Nights: From all things car related.

 Any queries email: Petrolhead@qmul.org     or send a message to our Instagram page: @qmul_petrolhead_society

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