Political Engagement and Activism Society



We are a new type of politics society for students at QMUL. It is our aim to create an atmospere that will propell students to greatness in the field of politics by providing services and experiences that will forever help its participants.

Who Are We?

Prime Minister: Thomas Buckingham

Deputy Prime-Minister: Jacob Bryan

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Lily Silbermann

Home Secretary: Maria Korsell

Media and Culture Secretary: Krish Menon

Our 2 (ish) Year Plans

Within our parliamentary style leadership setup, we are looking for lots of student involvement. With the helping of event planning, media management, public communication, and other areas we identify with potential benefits. 

We will be working with Professors from both within and out of QMUL, to discuss their past and current careers and histories, as well as political professionals from think tanks, private organisations and Government! The more members we have will better ensure a positive response from these professionals, so join for only £2!

There is no shortcoming of political opportunities to participate in, however, they can often be difficult to identify. We will communicate with members to find particular areas of interest to work with local charities of similarity, as well as publicise opportunities to attend conferences and political gatherings.

We will be establishing a website for access to quick and simple political updates and offer students the opportunity to share their political interests. This may be through a successful piece of coursework or a privately written article on one of your interests.

Why Join Peas

We are offering the opportunity to broaden your exposure to politics for career development and to encapuslate your love for politics. Through the understanding of the career paths taken by professionals you may be inspired to explore areas you never anticipated or be better equipped to achieve your dreams.

No elections are currently running

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