Filmmaking and Photography Society


Welcome to FPS at Queen Mary University of London!


Are you passionate about filmmaking or photography? Whether you aim to become a professional or love the art, FPS is your gateway to a world of creativity and connection.


Our Aims:

1. Empowering Creativity and Professional Growth:

   We're here to support your journey in filmmaking and photography, offering a blend of recreational and professional growth opportunities.


2. Fostering Collaboration and Networking:

   Collaboration is key. We connect with other universities and organisations, building a network that benefits you both now and in your future career.


3. Engaging Through Workshops and Events:

   Our activities range from technical workshops to movie nights. We provide diverse events to suit all interests within filmmaking and photography.


Exciting Activities Ahead:

- Diverse Workshops: Learn and refine your skills in both filmmaking and photography through our engaging workshops.

- Movie Nights: Enjoy and discuss films during our movie nights, a perfect blend of entertainment and insightful discussion.

- Networking Events: Connect with professionals and peers in our networking events.

- Collaborative Ventures: Experience the power of collaboration through events with other university societies.


Affordable Membership:

- Our standard membership is just £6 for the rest of the academic year, offering an affordable way to access all these fantastic opportunities.


Join Us This January:

- We'll be running full swing in January! Purchase your membership now to make sure you get what we have planned.


Stay Updated:

- For the latest news and updates, follow us on Instagram: [@qmfilmphoto](


Join FPS today and be part of a community that cherishes the art of visual storytelling!

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