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Welcome to Rounders Society!! 

Although we are a relatively new society, we are packed with fun & friendly individuals eager to get out and play some rounders. Regardless of your skill level, we welcome you to come and have some fun to relax and de-stress. So grab your bat, lace up your shoes, and get ready for a year filled of unforgetable games and a whole load of memories :)

What is Rounders?

For those who may not know what rounders is, it is a common British bat-ball sport, with similarities to baseball/ softball. It involves two teams participating in batting and fielding, with the objective of scoring points (rounders), by hitting the ball and running across 4 bases. 

Here is our team:

Co-Presidents: Saniya Amin ( & Zara Ghani ( 

Treasurer: Aliza Rajkotwala

Welfare officer: Fartun Hosh 

Social officer: Zainab Rizvi

No elections are currently running

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