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Joining SBLHFC will be one of the best decisions you make while at Barts and The London. The club’s aim is to represent Barts (inc. our Allied Courses)  at the best and most beautiful game in the world: Football. The club brings together students from all years to ensure that you have the best communal experience while at university with the chance of meeting characters that you might not have been able to otherwise. We can proudly say that the club is like a family where teammates are not only friends on the pitch but also off it. We truly do it all, on and off the pitch here at SBLHFC.

This great club is the largest in BLSA with a rich and proud history. We compete at various levels for the United Hospitals Cup, the oldest trophy in the footballing world first introduced in 1884. This competition includes all of the London medical schools with the club reaching the latter stages consistently in the past few years. 

Our club is made up of 4 teams, each playing on both Wednesday's and Saturday's (except the 4th team).

Our 1st team provides a very high level of competitive football which caters for those who have played at a high standard previously. The 2nd team also play at a competitive level, here players can push themselves to reach for the 1st team and develop their footballing skills weekly. The 3rd team still competes in two LUSL leagues, but is a team focused more on the development of players and welcomes those who are newer to playing football. Furthermore, we have a 4th team which also welcomes newer players to the game, with the Wednesday intramural social league, but make no mistake it remains one of the most competitive leagues!

No matter what level of football you are at- we have a place for you at SBLHFC.

We also strive to provide members with friendly and local 7-a-side football with games usually in a Thursday night league. We enter a mixed ability team in the intramural league open to newcomers to the sport/club and those less able to commit to 11-a-aside matches. Essentially, the club is geared to provide as much football for a wide variety of abilities and a high standard of competition for the upper echelons of the club.

All-in-all, we offer football opportunites 4 times a week! If you love football/enjoy playing football, look no further. This is the club for you!

So overall this club will enable you to keep fit, make friends, have fun and be active within the university. Truly anyone is welcome, find out more and get started by following our Instagram account (@bartsfootball). Please drop us a DM if you have any queries/ general questions- we will more than happy to answer you! 


Taster Session

Football trials are held at our home; Chislehurst Sporting Grounds. Keep your eyes out for the details on this! And don't worry freshers, you will have the luxury of a coach taking you to and from the trials!

The trial is a chance for players to show their ability in front of this year’s team captains and to be allocated into a team. Each player who attends the event will have their details taken and contacted for training sessions and matches. It is worth noting, that players who get selected are not fixed to that team and can move within the club structure.

The trial itself comprises of drills followed by small-sided games and typically a final 11 a side game against seniors for a bit of fun. The last couple of years, the seniors have won so possibly this year the trialists will have the day? After the event, we take a coach back to the union for the first sporting social of the year.

Further details will be provided at Fresher’s Fayre on the 20/09/23 (Whitechapel campus), where you can ask any and all questions! 



Monday 5:00-6:00 Stepney Green Astro- a stone's throw away from the Royal London Hospital! The location of our training is very ideal and is suited for the busy university student!

We have weekly training sessions which is an opportunity for our 4 teams to split up to work on specific drills. Training is done in a competitive yet fun manner and is a big highlight in the football week. 


Equipment - Players will need to provide their own footballs boots (studs for all matches and Astroturf’s for training and 7 a-side), as well as shin pads.

The club will provide team shirts, shorts and socks (although its recommended you bring your own shorts and socks!). 

We also have a club shop! This is where we have affordable (yet luxurious!) club kit where players can buy training gear with the option of personalisation. This is optional but the gear looks great (highly recommended)! 

Commitment levels required - Attendance to training is desired but it is understood that courses offered at Bart’s and The London are demanding. What is expected of the players is to give as much time as they can to the club in both training and in competitive matches. Players are picked both on ability and commitment with regular commitment aiding in the players development. 



  • BUCS leagues for the 1stand 2ndXI on Wednesdays
  • LUSL leagues for the 3rdXI on Wednesdays with all three teams playing in LUSL leagues on the Saturday.
  • BUCS Cup for 1stand 2ndXI
  • LUSL Cup for 1st, 2ndand 3rdXI
  • UH cup for 1st-4thXI
  • 11 a side (QM) league on Wednesdays for 4th XI
  • 7 a side (QM) league on Thursdays


Club Socials

We have a prolific social calendar with weekly socials arranged for a Wednesday night. Our dedicated social secretaries arrange ‘’Tables’’ at the Griff or occasionally mixed socials with other clubs or university teams.

Tables is attended by all BL sport’s teams and includes games, match reports and general chitchat. It is a staple of life at Bart’s and is not to be missed. It truly will be the highlight of your year.

We even do a bit of travelling at SBLHFC, if that's your thing!

You can also get involved on the social front by joining us on Fresher’s Tour (first term, UK), NAMS (second term, UK) and international tour (third term, abroad).

At the end of the season, current members mix with our extensive network of alumni from the club (Old Boys) at the AGM and President’s Day, a definite highlight of the social calendar. The occasion is held at one of London’s famous stadiums and includes a tour and in the past the opportunity to play on the pitch.

How to get involved

  • Firstly, visit us at the Fresher’s Fayre! (DATE:  20/09/23)  There will be a booklet outlining more information about trials and the lowdown on this year’s committee. When you come to say “hello”, ask all those burning questions that you might have!
  • After the fresher’s fayre, the next course of action is attending trials. {But don't worry ,if you can not attend (for whatever reason)- let us know via text or social media (@bartsfootball)  and we will be able to keep you in the loop with the next thing for you to be involved in!)
  • Attend our sporting curry and social events to get a real feel of our wonderful club. Everyone is welcome
  • Purchase membership after first session (For the very 1st time, our Fresher Subs have exclusive perks that benefit on and off the pitch! Check them out to see what we mean!)
  • Most importantly, join our Instagram (@bartsfootball), where details on Freshers' Fayre and Trials (and other important news throughout the year) will be posted! 



Head over to our club sports shop to get the latest and hottest stash


Contact details

President: Shamiran Natdan - 

Don't be shy! If you need to contact me about any queries, DM us on @bartsfootball or contact me personally via Whatsapp. 

Mobile Number - 07401733820

Below are our captains for this academic year. These fantastic members of SBLHFC will be the first port of call with your questions regarding games, training and on-the pitch plans. Please don't hesistate to contact them if you have a query!

1st XI Captain: Huseiyn Yildiz


2nd XI Captain: Joseph Williams


3rd XI Captain: Kishen Guruparan


4th XI Captain: Joao Goncalves


BL 7s Captain (7-a-side): Suleiman Shurafa



Final Message from the Committee at SBLHFC

We truly believe that this is the finest club at Barts - the memories, laughs and friends you will make here at SBLHFC during your time at University will be remembered for life. We look forward to welcoming you to our family! 



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