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The (QMUL) Arab Society is an independent, non-profitable society, which aims to create a home like environment for Arab students, as well as introduce non-Arabs to the Arabic culture through cultural & social events. We organise and promote cultural and artistic events relating to the Arab world, and host a regular programme of activities including experiencing Arab cuisine and Arabic language classes.


  • Co-President: Ayah Magdi El Hanafi
  • Co-President: Hassan Bushnag
  • Vice President: Yunus El-Asri
  • Treasurer: Mariam Salem
  • Secretary: Aisha Qadi
  • Welfare officer: Noura Beji
  • Lead Events Officer: Hadicha Aziz
  • Events Officers:
    • Pablo Di Cianna 
    • Dalia Al-Baghdadi
    • Maria Sekkar
    • Ali Hassan
  • Promotional officer: Adam Khan
  • Arab ball officer: Shirin Sirdi
  • Charity Officer: Omayma Bouaziz

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Twitter: qmularabsoc


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