Association of British and Chinese University Students (ABACUS)


Welcome to ABACUS!

The Association of British and Chinese University Students (ABACUS) at Queen Mary and Barts and the London (QMBL) is a unique society that celebrates Chinese and British heritage. Moreover, we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive community for everyone, actively embracing all Asian and Western cultures!

Feeling hungry or restless? Good news, QMBL ABACUS got you covered! We organise an expansive range of activities; from food events including Korean BBQ and Chinese hotpot to sportier ones like badminton, rock-climbing and basketball to burn those calories away. What’s more, we host fun and engaging recreational events such as trampolining, laser tag and bowling, so get ready for a year filled with good food and entertainment!

That’s not all! QMBL ABACUS is part of London ABACUS – a large network made up of eight London universities, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to socialise with students beyond QMBL during our monthly inter-university events, and build long-lasting friendships. You will not want to miss out on our exciting themed events and glamorous boat party on the River Thames!

Purchasing our membership will allow you to enjoy subsidies for all events and access to exclusive discounts at our partnering restaurants and stores. What are you still waiting for? Join our welcoming ABACUS family now by getting your membership and look forward to creating new experiences and friendships with us!


Committee Members:

President: Ning Zhu (Year 3 Dentistry)

Vice President: Michelle Chan (Year 2 Medicine)

Treasurer: Rachel Lai (Year 3 Medicine)

Secretary: Kim Heeseo (Year 2 Biochemistry)

Events Manager: Liz Chen (Year 2 Medicine)

Sports Secretary: Charles Foo (Year 2 Computer Science)


QMBL ABACUS Presidents:

Ning Zhu (2023-2024)

Zane Huang (2022-2023)

Nikki Yu (2021-2022)

Kirin Yeung (2020-21)

Adrian Lui (2019-20)

Jocelyn Cheng (2018-19)

Nelson Chan (2017-18)

Monica Chan (2016-17)

Peonie Ho (2015-16)

Jeffrey Lau (2014-15)

Louise Leung (2013-14)

Gigi Leng (2012-13)

Anthony Lai (2011-12)

No elections are currently running

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