Boxing is a fantastic sport to improve fitness, agility discipline and confidence. Contrary to popular belief, it is a very safe sport. This will be a very good learning experience for both novices and experienced individuals.

Injuries are quite uncommon, so there's no need for you to worry! We provide an enjoyable, hard-working environment where people work alongside each other to better themselves physically and mentally. We take anyone who is interested regardless of age, previous experience, or gender! We will cater if you are ready to compete for the university this year or if you are just learning to box and improve your fitness. This year we are going to expand on what we have built the previous years with more members, more structured sessions and socials. 

So come along to one of the sessions and see if it interests you!

Train Hard, Fight Easy.

Taster sessions

The first few sessions will be dedicated on the introduction of new members to boxing.

One can attend an introductory session for free at any point throughout the year.

If you are looking to compete for the club, then please speak to any committee member and we will look into developing an action plan for competing.


Monday and Wednesday: 3-5pm


Venue: West Ham Boxing Club, 2 London Road, E13 0DN 

Equipment:  No equipment needed at the start. As members progress it is recommended that they purchase own hand wraps and a pair of gloves. The required equipment is provided by West Ham Boxing Club. HOWEVER, if the participant wishes to engage in contact (sparring) as part of the training, it is absolutely essential for safety reasons that they purchase their own mouth guard and whatever else they deem appropriate in order to protect their person.


Queen Mary Boxing club competes in BUCS, inter-university friendly and exhibition bouts. 

How to get involved:

  1. Join the Facebook Group and/or Instagram @qmulboxing and get in contact with the club committee members.
  2. Attend the taster session - this first session is free!
  3. Purchase your subs - at the Hub (Mile End), BLSA reception (Whitechapel) or online.
  4. Enjoy! Take part in the sessions, and compete in the matches.


Personal Fitness

QMSU offers a gym on the Mile End campus, Qmotion, as well as a sister-gym in Charterhouse Square, Fitness to Practice, both with competitive student membership rates. This is ideal for students who want to purchase a gym membership - which is separate from a Club Sport subs - to improve and maintain peak physical fitness.

With every gym membership, you get a free 60 minute one-to-one session with trained instructors which includes:

  • A personalised gym programme tailored to your own fitness goals;
  • A full demonstration of exercise and techniques, and guidance on resistance machines;
  • Information and advice on nutrition;
  • A 60 minute review session every 6-8 weeks to re-evaluate and re-customise a new programme to avoid plateaus.

Committee details (2021-2022)

President: Daniel Rezaie

Vice president: Arjun

Social Media Manager: Zacc Chen 

Treasurer: Subaan

⇒ all committee members can be contacted through Facebook and Instagram for any questions you may have - don't hesitate!

No elections are currently running

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