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Conservatism means different things to different people. At Queen Mary Conservatives, we strive to encourage understanding between both ourselves and those who disagree with our ideals. Our aims focus on compassionate, earnest discourse around the things that are important to us - both on a personal and political level - while showing mutual respect and the ability to agree disagreeably. Though it is impossible to always be of one mind, it is vital to us that our environment allows for important dialogues that encompass our wide-ranging views. In creating this environment, we hope to see you at some of our many engaging events. 
As President, I invite everyone who is merely interested in conservative ideas to come along and see what it is like at QM Conservatives. If we take your fancy, we would be delighted to have you with us! 
In any case we wish everyone a successful year here at QM and look forward to seeing you in September.

The Committee:

President: Joseph Cotter-Brooker

Treasurer: Wilfred May 



  • Please contact the society via the email or an alternative in order for us to welcome you into the society properly, and invite you to taster events
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