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Welcome to Queen Mary Conservative Society!

In true Conservative spirit our society will be a home for you all, a space for self-fulfilment and a stepping stone for your success. We pride ourselves on our earnest, yet compassionate ethos and we are always a shining example for Conservatism on our campus. We are one of the most diverse societies at Queen Mary, uniting people from all backgrounds, but most importantly, we are a group of friends who share the same beliefs. This year we hope to not only create a valuable platform for encouraging political dialogue, but also to bring people together in interesting, informative and importantly frequent events. There is an exciting opportunity ahead of us and on behalf of all QM Conservatives, we very much look forward to welcoming all new students and prospective members this September.

The Committee:

co-President: Thrice Antony Demetriou and Anna Mcgovern

Treasurer: Rohan Vijjhalwar



  • Please feel free to attend one of our sessions and get a feel of what our society is like
  • Due to privacy policy, please contact us so that we may add you to our group chats where we congragate digitally
No elections are currently running

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