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Debate Society is an inclusive, sociable group focused on developing our members' public speaking and argumentative skills to promote free speech and encourage open discussions.

QMBL Debate and Public Speaking society is non-judgemental and welcomes everyone regardless of skill or experience. We meet once a week in Bancroft 1.15 to teach and practice through debates, speeches, workshops, and games. Our sessions are led by our committee members and are planned in advance to ensure they are fun, engaging, and involve only healthy, constructive discussion. 

QMBL Debate and Public Speaking Society has a fierce competitive spirit. We work closely with experienced, professional coaches who advise our competitive teams. We will be participating in competitions throughout the year, so if competing is of interest to you, you are in the right place.

Collaboration is imperative to us! We will be hosting and participating in many exciting academic and social events throughout the year alongside both QMUL and external societies.
To get involved with us:
• Join our Fresher's Group chat
• Join our introductory sessions on Monday 25th September or
Monday January 22nd 2024
• Send us an email to find out information about our next session or
• Follow our Instagram for updates

Our committee:

President and Public Speaking Head: Tessa Stewart

Co-President and Welfare Officer: Anna Tikhomirova
Treasurer: Rayyan Asif
Internal Administration: Sam Billington
Sponsorship Liaison: Muna Khrais
Debate Competitions Officer: Siddh Nagori
Social Media officer and Social Secretary: Hiya Khatri

Society Development Officer: Fausta Zykute 

Debate Society Election 2024/2025

The roles up for election are President and Treasurer

3 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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