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Affiliated with QMUL's prestigious School of Economics and Finance (SEF), we are one of the largest academic student societies on campus! We welcome students from all disciplines and backgrounds, learning from our own diversity but unified by our mutual interest in economics. The key aims of our society include providing a platform for members to expand on their knowledge of economics outside classrooms, building and maintaining relationships with alumni, companies, and entrepreneurs to provide learning and networking opportunities. 

By joining the society, members will benefit through networking opportunities with city professionals, gain valuable skills for careers in the financial sector, gain an insight into economics and finance related companies and institutions, and develop interview and assessment centre skills and socialise with fellow society members. What's more, you will gain access to a home network, serving as a medium through which those studying Economics related courses can convene, socialise, and get to know one another outside of the lecture hall. 

For the academic year of 2019/20, the society aims to build on past events as well as stage new and exciting events our members can enjoy and benefit from. Our 4 pillars in our logo represent the main areas of Economics we will cover this year: Behavioural, Evnironmental, Development and Financial Economics. Members can look forward to a wide array of events this coming academic year, including:


- Guest Speakers & Presentations

- Careers and Networking Events

- Social Events

- Mock Assessment Centres


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