Cinema Society


Cinema Society

Cinema Society is dedicated to sharing the experience of the big screen, and sparking a love for TV and movie discussion! 

This year, we will be having in-person meetings and screenings!

We plan to host weekly events, including monthly outings, film screenings, socials, themed events and film quizzes!  We would love to hear your suggestions! Let us know what you think, we hope to see you soon :)

Follow our Instagram qmulcinemasociety to stay up to date on upcoming events!

Current Committee:

  • President: Reina Abisi
  • Vice President: Deven Pangrekar
  • Treasurer: Aimee Murphy
  • Social Media Secretary: Rose Carcaillet
  • Welfare Officer: Fariyah Baja
  • Social Secretary: Usha Basu



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