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Queen Mary History Society 2022-23


Welcome to Queen Mary History Society!

QMUL's History Society is open for anybody with an interest in history, irrespective of period or topic - it doesn't matter if you don't study history, or if you're an undergradutate, postgraduate, alumni or staff! Over the next year we aim to provide a platform to discuss a whole range of historical topics from a whole host of cultures and perspectives (as well as letting you all let off some steam from studying hard through our social events!), so we really do have something for everybody. We also provide a great framework to befriend students in different years, as well as gain careers insight range of options avaliable to historians after graduation.

What sort of events can I expect?

As part of our aim to provide a space for everybody, we're putting on a super wide range of events for our members this year! Most are free for paid members, whereas some incur a subsidised cost - we really do have something for all budgets and interests! Also to champion our mission of inclusivity, a number of the events we host will be alcohol free events, and an increase in events that are faith related.

Some examples of events we aim to hold this year include:

  • Museum trips
  • Trip abroad
  • Welcome Picnic
  • History Ball
  • Diwali/Holi/Eid/Christmas/Bonfire/Halloween related events
  • Staff vs student quizzes
  • Film screenings and talks
  • Pub crawls and club nights
  • Afternoon teas and catch-up
  • Industry talks
  • Academic panels and discussions
  • General drop-ins
  • Themed history events


The 22/23 Committee 

President: Naomi Marshall

Vice-President: Maddie Ngombo 

Treasurer: Shiven Chudasama 

Diversity and Welfare Officer: Adam Omar

Events Officers: Jess McEwen, Anita Doda and Tia Debenham 

Social Media Officers: Anita Doda and Tia Debenham 


If you have any questions, or ideas, feel free to message us on any of our social media platforms, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

No elections are currently running

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