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Iranian society is one of the best platform for all range of students in London whether Iranian or non-Iranian in order to be familiarised with Iranian unique heritage, while deepening the understanding of the country's rich culture and values, as well as long and profound historical tradition.

Iranian Socoety is honoured to create the appropriate space for people who are passionate about Iranian culture and history or just want to learn or observe it. We are genuinely keen that you are interested to the society and therefore we eagerly and proudly desire to embrace every one in our events and programs. We follow certain goals and principles which are as below:


  • Be as much active as possible in our social media platforms such as Instagram, by creating fantastic contents in regard to our beloved country, its cultural richness and diversity. The contents can be in the format of video or slide show introdicing an asppect of Iranian culture, art, music, cinema and historical heritage.


  • Celebrate important cultural events, and organise meeting encompassing wide variety of artistic, social, and cultural activities related to Iran, such as poetry, food, sport, cinema, artcraft, arrchitecture, literature and music. We are therefore looking forward to intoduce the Iranian cultural values to wide variety of different people, and invite everyone to engage in our events, while relating to your own culture and values.


  • Build a united Iranian community to be enthusiastically involved with different aspects of the country, mainly with Iranian cultural values and traditions. This would motivate members to vividly engage and activly share their perspective where necessary, while enjoying the oppurtunity to recognise and learn from one another's view. By facilitating different range of discussions we aim to increase freindship, while reinforcing solidarity as well as respect and moral attitude between our members.


  • Empower a sense of belonging to the country by : (a) being enlightened with the Iranian culture and artistic values, (b) encapsulating the freindly spirit of fraternity that lies at heart of folk, (c) recognising our differences and making life long freinship. our top priority and need thus is harmony, fraternity and solidarity among the members.  After all,  the main goal of the Society is to have fun, be united, respect one another, enjoy the time together, And be illuminated with the cultural activities related to Iran. 


To conclude, Queen Mary Iranian Society is dedicated to promote high quality events surronding the country of Iran and its multi_faceted aspects and dimensions. We aim to build close and warm relationship with wide range of societies and communities in London, and foster the best of contemporary Iranian talents and potentials in the fields of art, literature, music, sport, film....

We will honourably devout a great length of effort and energy to make Iranian Society as much welcoming, pleasant, stimulating, and enriching as possible for you. Thank you for choosing us.


       Your committee:

  • Co-President: Melina
  • Co-president: Katty
  • Vice president: Asal
  • Treasurer: Pourya
  • Events manager: Sahar
  • Social secretary: Negar
  • Cultural officer: Sara


Iranian Society

This is Iranian Society's election for the academic year 2024/2025. To be eligible to run, you will need to have this year's membership and be a student next year at QMUL.

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