Islamic Society (ISOC)


The Official Islamic Society of Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary Islamic Society aims to enhance the experience of Muslims on campus, empowering students to embrace their identity and become positive, active and influential members in society.

At ISoc, we provide students regular Islamic lectures/Q&As, events and socials whilst trying to cater towards resolving any issues Muslim students may have with their religious obligations & university activity. The society also aims to bring about good interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims on campus.

The highlights of the ISoc year include:

  • Charity Week - In collaboration with BL ISoc. Through the will of God, QMBL CW has raised over £361k to date.
  • Qur'an Week - Connect with the book of Allah and learn what the single greatest-life changer is.
  • Friday Jumu'ah - Your weekly imaan booster
  • Socials and More - The greatest thing about ISoc will always be its brothers and sisters.
  • Annual Dinner & Sisters Dinner - End the year on a high and celebrate our achievements and successes.

Everyone is welcome. Islam was never only about those that pray, fast and read Qur'an, and we are not about to let it be that way; so don't miss out on joining the funniest, freshest society in London! 

If you have any questions contact either of us on the email addresses below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can insha'Allah (God willing).




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Islamic Society Elections 2024

The Islamic Society (ISoc) Election 2023 for the following committee positions: President Treasurer

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