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The QM Scandinavian Society is a society for Scandinavians and other people interested in Scandinavian culture. We arrange bi-weekly events, including Hail Mary pre-drinks, quiz nights and our famous Beer Pong Championship. We also celebrate the Scandinavian holidays, including national days. 

This year our society is going to be a little bit different. As many of you know, Covid has brought a lot of restrictions, so our events this semester will be held online - however don't worry, we're still going to do plenty of fun and social stuff!

You can look forward to pub quizzes, online drinking (and non-drinking) games and different cultural events. If you have any suggestions for other fun activities online, please let us know and we'd be happy to make them happen!

Please like our Facebook page for more information and invites to events. We also have a Facebook group for members only. You can also head over to our Instagram to get information about future events and see pictures from some of our previous events. 

President: Rikke Nygaard
Treasurer: Emma Corfixen


No elections are currently running

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