Somali Society


Somali Society aims to give Somalis a platform to meet lifelong university friends, learn more about their culture and other opportunities all whilst having a fantastic time at great events which will be hosted all year round.

One of our main aims is to open doors for people from other cultures to explore Somali culture for the amazing range of food, fashion or arts it has to offer. Somali Society will collaborate with other QM societies as well as universities to host some great fundraising events, culture nights and many more vibrant events. We hope you get involved, buy a membership today!




  • President: Dahir Mohammed Ali
  • Vice President: Sahra Abdulkadir
  • Treasurer: Farwah Ali

Welfare Team:

  • Welfare Representative: Aisha Mohamed
  • First-Year Representative: Yoonis Abdi

Events Team:

  • Head of Events: Munira Mogow 
  • Events Officer: Samiya Guleh
  • Sports Officer: Amir Abdirahman
  • Sports Officer: Abdirahim Abdi 

Charity Team:

  • Head of Charity: Suada Ahmed
  • Charity Officer: Ahlam Mohamed

Outreach Team:

  • Head of Outreach: Maryama Abdi
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