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Our society is focused on increasing awareness and knowledge of First Aid in our university community. Whether it's fundraising, events, socials, weekly sessions, our members love every second.

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Who are we? 

Hi there! We are the QMUL First Aid Society and we are also a St John Ambulance Student Volunteering unit!

As a society, we spend our time learning about and teaching first aid to our university community, whilst those of us in the unit volunteer providing medical cover at public events such as (but not limited to): Olympic Stadium/West Ham (JayZ and Beyonce were totally awesome!), New Year’s celebrations, London Marathon, Wimbledon, Notting Hill Carnival, and countless more!

We are also currently volunteering in hospitals across London. We have volunteers working in hospital wards providing essential and compassionate care to patients, providing mobile Covid-19 testing, and have ambulance crews providing emergency care in our community! We even helped out at Nightingale Hospital! 

We are an amazing and friendly society that puts the fun in teaching skills that you WILL use. Join us in keeping our university community as safe as possible, and who knows, you may even save a life.

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Covid-19 Update

We also have lots of opportunities to volunteer with St John Ambulance and we are still recruiting and training First Aiders! We are currently providing support to hospitals across London along with the provision of mobile testing centers! As we are beginnning to "come back to normal" we also have a bunch volunteering opportunities at of our usual events like football at the Emirates stadium! All of our volunteers are required to complete the Care module, a weekend long course that teaches us all about helping out in hospitals and Covid-19 safety!


What is St John Ambulance (SJA)?

St John (no 's'!) is the UK's leading First Aid charity, teaching over 400,000 people first aid every year. We provide volunteer first aid at thousands of events around the country every year (~35,000!) as well as lobby for wider first aid training access - such as getting first aid on the national curriculum. SJA also operates in Wales and other international branches exist in Canada, Asia, Australia, Africa and many more!

Volunteer First Aiders can progress go on to become Advanced First Aiders, Emergency/Non-Emergency volunteer Ambulance crews, cycle responders, or medical response teams (who go into awkward situations to get patients out), among many other roles! Volunteering with SJA IS possible for international students at QMUL so feel free speak to the committee for more details!



What do we do?

Our society is focused on increasing awareness and knowledge of First Aid in our university community. We do this through weekly sessions, fundraising and training events for our local and wider communities, and interaction with other societies! But, our lives aren't completely filled with First Aid so we also have loads of social events for you to look forward to!

Volunteers in the QMUL Unit provide hundreds of volunteer hours at events across London and the South East and hold clinical as well as managerial roles on these events. This year we aim to increase and diversify the skills we have within the unit to help us cover even more events as well as provide our student volunteers with more transferable skills that will help them in life and support their CVs. We also want to bring these skills over to our training so our society members will benefit too!

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Committee (2023/2024)

President/Unit Manager: Ethan Denyer 

Vice President: Billal Swaleh

Treasurer: Alina Awan

Secretary: Inês Couto André (Izzie)

Training Lead: Lucy Lai

Events Lead: Rafi Brister

IT Lead: Evinda Cagin

Outreach Officers: Mergen Dorjnamjil & Deepiga Nanthakumaran 

Welfare Reps: Paradise Farr & Nika Kapushesky

Social Secretary:  Phoebe Whitbread & Yasmin Ali 

Fundraising Lead: Marissa Parr

Logistics Rep: Elliot Crookbaine 

Morale Leads: TuffKats and TuffTed

Society Elections 2024/2025

First Aid Society Elections

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