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The Queen Mary Albanian Society aims to bring together the relatively large Albanian community at QMUL and bring an atmosphere and dynamic that Albanians can appreciate and relate to. To do this we have an array of socials and activities planned throughout the year to keep our members engaged and entertained.

The key events will be the Albanian and Kosovan Independence Day parties where we work in collaboration with other London universities to bring a huge and extravagant evening worthy enough to celebrate these two momentous days in our history. 


We have many things planned ahead of this year so be sure to join the society so you can enjoy with us and all others 

Our Team - 2022/23:

  • President: Ideal Dacaj & Dorian Shehu
  • Vice President: Marsioleda Kemberi
  • Treasurer: Ermal Shaqiri

If you wish to keep up-to-date with the society and its events we advise that you  follow our Instagram page where we will post regular updates of what we have going on. 

if you would like to be added to the WhatsApp group chat, please DM our Instagram page . 

No elections are currently running

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